Last September I made a call to a builder who had set a six box gable elevation two story a few blocks from the water in Brick Township, New Jersey earlier that Summer. I  just wanted to ask him how the project was coming along. He said it was going great and added that  the site built front porch was really looking great with the eighteen foot eyebrow shaped roof he had just put on it. I offered that he must have had a few great framers working with him to tackle something like that. Not really;  a three hour job he said. He had seen a beautiful curved portico in the same neighborhood back in June and asked the owner who did such exceptional work. It came on a truck from Maryland he was told.  Turns out that a business just over the state line in Rising Sun, Maryland built  it in a factory and shipped it up. Learning that Digital Construction Solutions was the manufacturer’s name, he contacted them and sent them a rough sketch of the ornate roof that he was really not looking forward to building. Five weeks and four thousand dollars later his roof was in place and it looked fantastic. (Take a look at it in the photos attached.) I was very appreciative of learning that there is a local source for such a product. Using digital fabrication technologies,   can design, manufacture, and ship pre-fabricated architectural detail items such as compound curved turrets, domes, arches, eyebrow dormers, and bay and bow window roofs that can add that great  wow factor to any project on time and at a fair price.

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