Quick service restaurants (QSR) have known for years that modular construction can mean a faster return on investment. Drive-thru and walk-up only building concepts are the wave of many coffee shops and other QSRs with aggressive expansion plans that seek to cater to the new demographic of consumers. Here’s why modular construction makes sense!

State Approval: Once a state approves the construction of a modular building, a customer can build multiple modular buildings for that particular state before zoning is approved for installation sites. Compared to site-built construction, modular allows for much faster installation and commencement of store operations.

Faster Installation: Modular can be delivered to a site and installed as soon as the site work is complete. This can allow QSRs to open anywhere from 60-90 days sooner.

Easier construction management for multiple site locations: A franchisor with aggressive expansion plans can oversee installation of nearly three times as many site locations in one year without worrying about overseeing the construction process for every site.

Quality control: Each building will have the same workmanship, components and quality.

Quicker ROI: By opening 60 days earlier with modular construction operators can significantly improve cash flows. A QSR franchisee can be in business as soon as a site location is secured and approvals and permits are obtained from local zoning.