Becoming more efficient is at the forefront of everyone’s plan to improve work flow. It makes life a lot easier when we can reduce the stresses of complex projects with many moving parts to a single source of responsibility. Take a real estate development project, for instance. It can be difficult dealing with multiple subcontractors throughout the entire process and keeping everyone accountable for completing their part in a timely fashion and on budget. Modular construction eliminates this problem and it is changing the way the retail industry views expansion strategies.

Providing a single source of project responsibility is what drives the appeal of the modular process, particularly with one manufacturer possessing the ability to access multiple states at a time. Everything under one roof with one point of contact allows project managers to concentrate their efforts on a new level of efficiency. Modular manufactures deliver a fully finished three-dimensional product including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, built in a climate-controlled factory without delays from any inclement weather to a site in half the time it would take a stick builder. Modular is shaping up to become part of the hospitality industry’s growth model and OneTen REI is leading the charge!