A short drive had a big payoff for a Sullivan County, New York man and his family. Larry Johnston of Rock Hill was the winner of $4,500 discount at the Simplex Homes 45th Anniversary celebration. The celebration was part of an Open House held by Simplex at their facility at 1 Simplex Drive in Scranton, PA on Sunday April 24th.

“When we heard our name drawn we couldn’t believe it,” said Larry Johnston. “We have been considering buying a home from Simplex for about a year now and this $4,500 will be a big factor in helping us make a decision.”

Larry and his family are no strangers to Simplex. The family has their eye on a spacious ranch home known as The Christina. They have gone so far as to discuss various ways they would like to add some custom touches to the home to meet their needs.

“We had a great turnout for our 45th Anniversary,” said Simplex President Patrick Fricchione. “The opportunity to celebrate by giving away a $4,500 discount on one of our homes was icing on the cake. I got to meet and spend some time with the Johnston family and they are great people and we look forward to building them their dream home.” After winning the $4500 discount, the Johnstons spent some time talking with Patrick Fricchione about their plans to alter the home. “They have some great ideas and we assured the family we can meet any customization they need,” said Fricchione.

Simplex was founded in 1971 by Frank, Henry and Patrick Fricchione, all of Scranton, PA. They had been successful in the plumbing field, even to the point of being granted a patent on a furnace they designed. As the Vietnam War came to an end, the brothers saw that returning Vets were in need of affordable but well-designed homes. After some homework, Simplex Industries was founded to build high quality modular homes.

The company started out modestly and survived boom and bust times by concentrating on quality and giving customers what they wanted in the form of custom building. While the company started out building just single family homes, they now build student housing, light industrial facilities, high-end condominium complexes and much more.

Today, Simplex has well over 200 employees and it’s not unusual to see multiple generations of employees working side-by-side. Many of the technical innovations that have made Modular such a popular building method originated at one of the two high-tech Simplex production facilities. The company has consistently received national recognition for high quality construction, green construction and for their marketing savvy. Simplex sells through a builder network that encompasses most of the East Coast.

“We are proud of our workforce and of our accomplishments over the years,” said company President Patrick Fricchione. “A commitment to quality and a commitment to being a fully custom builder has always been the key to our success; success that has brought us to our 45th anniversary. We can’t wait to see what the next four and a half decades will bring.”