Episode 12- Sean McAllister
Join us as Dave Mertz interviews Sean McAllister, a member of the Simplex Homes sales team. Dave and Sean will be discussing the current housing and building market in New York.

Sean McAllister

About Our Guest

Sean McAllister brings over a decade of industry expertise to his position of Regional Account Manager at Simplex. Sean is responsible for interacting with existing Simplex builders and meeting with new prospective members of the Simplex Builder’s Network.

Sean began his career in Central Pennsylvania and his customer skills helped him to quickly work his way up from a Sales Coordinator to a Regional Account Manager.

Real Estate is not only Sean’s business, but also plays a big role in his personal life as well. He is an active real estate investor and is involved with refurbishing blighted properties within the City of Sunbury.

Sean McAllister is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing. He is also a graduate of the Penn College Modular Housing Training Institute (MHTI).

When not working or volunteering in his community, Sean enjoys spending time with his wife and four sons.

Simplex Homes Podcasts Archive

Episode 1: Pat Fricchione Jr.

In our first installment of our Simplex Homes Podcast, host Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simplex, speaks with Pat Fricchione, Jr., General Partner and President and CEO of Simplex Homes. In this discussion, Pat and Dave talk about the effect that the Coronavirus has had on Simplex and how the company is dealing with the crisis.

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Episode 2: Dave Boniello

In this installment of our Simplex Homes Podcast, host Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simplex, has a conversation with my friend and colleague Dave Boniello, Vice President at Simplex Homes. Having worked together for over twenty years at Simplex. they collaborated, along with Simplex owner and President Pat Fricchione, Jr., on an exciting new program.

This podcast offers insight into what roll Simplex Homes is playing during the pandemic that could offer an uplifting positive outcome. They highlight Simplex’s new initiative, “Hometowns Hero’s Rebate” This rebate offers qualified “essential workers” employed during our nations crisis an opportunity to receive a $5,000.00 rebate paid to directly to them from Simplex Homes.

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Episode 3: Anthony Zarrilli

Today’s conversation is with Anthony Zarrilli, owner of Zarrilli Homes in Brick New Jersey. Zarrilli Homes is 3rd generation, family owned business.

We cover a variety of topics including the challenges of ramping business back up as our society begins to return to the work place, what has changed in our building world and the surprising high level of activity that has continued in new home building.

We also unveil  how Zarrilli Homes and Simplex have partnered to enhance the Simplex Hometown Hero Rebate. It’s a lively call you don’t want to miss.

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Episode 4: Thomas E. Coronato

On this Simplex Homes podcast, host Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simplex, has a conversation with Tom Coronato, Construction Loan Specialist at Citizens Bank. Tom is a 22 year veteran in construction lending and will offer in site into the current mortgage market and what he sees for the future.

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Episode 5- J.D. Stauffer

On this Simplex Homes podcast, host Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simplex, has a conversation with J.D. Stauffer. JD is a seasoned veteran of the modular home industry with experience in the manufacturing of modular homes and now a very successful builder for over 20 years.

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Episode 6 – Jason Drouse

On this Simplex Homes podcast, host Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Simplex, has a discussion with Jason Drouse, Simplex Homes Multi-Family Account Manager. We discuss the immense popularity of the Multi-Family segment of the modular home market. Jason describes how the market has evolved and where it is headed. Jason gives his perspective on what it takes to do a project from A to Z.

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Episode 7 – Tom Hardiman

Today’s conversation is with Tom Hardiman. Tom Is the Executive Director of the Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA). The MBHA is the modular industry trade association. Tom’s and the MBHA goals are to work in the best interest of the modular home manufactures, modular builder and to educate the consumers about our industry and what we have to offer. Tom will speak to these topics and the state of building through out the United States.

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Episode 8 – Bob Gorleski

My guest today is Bob Gorleski, Vice President of Manufactured Structures for PFS TECO. PFS TECO is a third party inspection/oversight agency that is approved by the states Simplex builds homes for. They review, approve and monitor modular home manufacturing for multitude for modular home manufactures. Bob will discuss the third party process and their roll in the modular home industry.

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Episode 9 – Steve Snyder

Join us as Dave Mertz interviews Attorney Steve Snyder. A considerable portion of Steve’s current law practice concentrates on complex civil matters in the residential and commercial construction and land development industry, including land use, zoning and subdivision, commercial and residential construction, environmental law, administrative law, state and federal regulatory compliance, state and federal tax law (with an emphasis on modular construction sales and use taxes).
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Episode 10 – Dave Chant

Join us as Dave Mertz interviews Attorney Dave Chant. Listen as Dave extends his many years of experience in helping people just like you find land and build their dream home. This podcast may save you thousands of dollars and hours of time.
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Episode 11 – Dr. Katie Leonard

Join us as Dave Mertz interviews Dr. Katies Leonard, President and CEO of Johnson College in Scranton PA. Dave and Katie will discuss the state of education in today’s building industry
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